Dear soon to be mom (who is: dreamer, planner, control freak, romantic, artist, writer, overly excit

Letter to the soon to be mom

I want to write a letter to the soon to be mom who is like me. And honestly maybe all mom's can relate but I learned this the hard way (how I tend to learn most things) and maybe this can help someone out there who is a little like me.

So I'll start with a little bit about me. I am a talker, sharer, over analyzer. I love personality tests - I'm an INFJ, a type 5, a pisces. I am a list writer, a super planner, a dreamer of big dreams, a romantic. I like to call everything in life an adventure from going to the mall to hiking a mountain in New Zealand - its all an "adventure." Don't you dare tell me you have a big surprise for me because by the time you give it to me I'll have dreamt it up to be a surprise trip around the world! Before I encounter any situation I'll have imagined 12 different outcomes positive and negative. I don't trust people, I learn things the hard way, I am stubborn and I am annoyingly confident in what I think and believe. I am black and white, all or nothing, jump in the deep end, swim with the sharks. People don't describe me as sweet or laid back or chill. I am bold and sure of myself and not afraid to tell you what I think. I spend my time dreaming and creating and learning and imagining.

This combination of boldness, skepticism, and imagination has helped and harmed big changes in my life. I spend a lot of time writing the movie script for what is to come and let me tell you, life often doesn't get your screen play. Life looks different than we imagine or dream.

Pregnancy has been full of unknowns, full of dreams and thoughts and hopes. Pregnancy is also so completely out of your control, a planner like me has a tough time with that. These last weeks of pregnancy are tough because each night you go to bed imagining your beautiful babe. You make sure the blankets are folded just so, the dishes put away and the shoes are by the door because you just KNOW tonight is the night.

I am writing this letter to any dreamer, planner, control freak, romantic, artist, writer, easily excited, soon to be mom.

Dear you,

You are about to be a mom. Life is about to change (cue the slideshow in your head I know you have one prepared). Okay now that we've let that out, dry your tears.

I know you pretty well so I'm going to try to not tell you things that would annoy the living poo out of you. Like - "you're glowing", "you're so close", "any day now", "babies come when they want", "first time moms take the longest", "you're all belly," " that baby is just comfy" 😑

Be prepared for this beautiful babe babe, but he needs time to grow. Take it easy. Don't go to sleep every night thinking this is the night.

Be prepared. Have a bag packed but leave you're makeup out ... For goodness sakes you're going to use it about another hundred times because you and I both know you started packing early .

Be prepared. But don't play that silly slideshow every night thinking it will be you and hubs last night as a family of two. You're causing more emotions than either of you need. ( Trust me you have plenty already)

Be prepared. But relax. Go do things. Go get coffee and go shopping and go walking and meal prep. Do the laundry and vacuum the rooms. You gotta live your life you can't hit pause because someone told you "any day now" or your app told you that you were "full term"

Be prepared. But wishing and hoping and dreaming and planning your babe into existence honestly just doesn't work. Write them a letter or talk to your husband or mom about what they will look like, or read them a book!

My friend be prepared for your life to change but stop waiting for it.

It will happen when it happens. There's nothing you are going to do to change God's timing.

Good luck. I know you are so ready and that'll come in handy when your babe decides it time. Until then you have to keep living. Keep smiling. Keep texting your family and friends back letting them know everything is going well! Let people complement you and help you. They all mean well!

You've got this ( but you already know that 😉). Its going to be one big adventure!



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