What's in my Diaper Bag for the Hospital?

What's in my Diaper Bag for the Hospital!?

Y’all, four weeks until my due date! I don’t even know how I can wait that long, I am so excited! That being said, he could really come at any time so I like to be prepared. I actually started this process way to far in advance if I am being honest. I am a bit of an over planner/preparer! It gets me excited and helps me get organized!

When I first found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted the Itzy Ritzy Boss backpack in the coffee and cream finish! I was lucky enough to get it for Christmas! I love it so much and get compliments on it all the time!

So once I received my bag, I started packing for baby Joshua. I have watched countless “whats in my hospital bag videos, read blogs and Pinterest posts and here is what I have come up with for us!

- Check out my video on youtube to see all of these things!



  • 10 Honest Company Diapers in size one

  • pack of 60 water wipes

  • small container of Burts Bees Diaper Rash Cream


  • one newborn onesie (Carters)

  • one newborn pant (Carters)

  • one 0-3 month onesie (Carters)

  • one 0-3 month vest (Carters)

  • one 0-3 month pant (Carters)

  • one 3 month onesie (Starting Out - Dillards)

  • one 3 month pant (Starting Out - Dillards)

  • one pair of 0-3 month socks (Starting out - Dillards)

  • one bib (Starting Out - Dillards

  • one magnetic gown in 0-3 month size (The mother baby bond)

  • one hat (The mother baby bond)

  • one newborn sleeper (Carters)

  • one 0-3 month sleeper (Carters)

We originally picked out a “coming home outfit” in a 3 month size, not knowing that it was going to be significantly larger than the 0-3 month size. We are bringing a range of sizes and brands because we really don’t know exactly how big he will be.


  • One Aden and Anais Grey Swaddle

  • One Carters receiving blanket


  • One wubbanub

  • One Phillips Avent Pacifire


  • Boppy Pillow

  • Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss - nursing scarf

That is about it! I also have a hand sanitizer and a pack of pacifier wipes. We are so ready for him to arrive! We cannot wait!

I hope this was helpful!

Here are some of the links to some of my favorite things!

Diaper Bag and Nursing Scarf - https://www.itzyritzy.com/

The awesome magnetic gown - https://www.themotherbabybond.com/babyclothes.html

Diapers - https://www.honest.com/bundles?sid=10176&amt_sid=10176&kwid=honest%20company&cid=google&mid=cpc&aid=199273992398&adgid=G.HC.Brand_General_Exact&kcid=379eea0e-d7be-48ab-9896-894a9edb2d76

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