Mountain Mural in Nursery

Mountain Mural!

I am so excited about the Mountain Mural in our nursery! I love the way it turned out and I wanted to share the steps I took to achieve this awesome part of our nursery!

As soon as we found out we were pregnant I knew what I wanted for our nursery! Ben and I love to travel! We spent our honeymoon on the South Island of New Zealand, exploring, hiking, and taking in the incredible beauty! We spent two weeks this summer exploring Norway and Sweden, we have taken trips all around the USA, hiking, and taking in the natural beauty of our world! I knew that our nursery had to have a travel/outdoor theme! I began researching and pinning and narrowing my ideas! I saw some mountain murals in different nurseries on pinterest and I loved it!

Side note- Ben and I have spent this year listening to the Chronicles of Narnia on audible. We both love this series, for what it means and for the imagination and magic! When I listen to these books I imagine New Zealand is what Narnia would be! This is also part of my inspiration in this nursery.

I want Baby Joshua to be inspired by the mountains on his wall. I want him to dream of far away places and adventure!

Okay so here is the step by step!

  1. Paint the base color. I painted the entire nursery a very light grey!

  2. Make a sketch. I studied the different mountain murals I liked and made a quick sketch of what I wanted it to look like. I tried to make a variety of sizes and shapes and hight.

  1. Get supplies. I went to Lowe's and picked out a paint chip strip of grays that I liked and picked three and bought a quart of each! Also bought small rollers, blue painters tape and a sample size of white paint. ( I already had brushes and paint trays)

  2. Tape the wall! We taped out the mountains. They were inspired by my sketch but we did not worry about being exact to the sketch I had made.

  3. Trim the edges (peaks). We went back with an exacto-knife and trimmed the tape where we had overlapped to make clean peaks and valleys.

  4. Paint! We started with the lightest mountains at the top and worked our way down. We did two full coats, waiting for the paint to dry a bit but not all the way. You don’t want the tape to sit on the wall for too long.

  1. Pull the tape. We pulled up all the tape, leaving a white outline of the bottom and middle mountains.

  1. Re-tape. We waited a few hours for them to dry and re-taped the mountains to fill in the white outline that was left from the first taping.

  2. Fill in. We filled in two coats of paint where the white was left.

  3. Take off the tape.

  1. Add snow capped peaks. We waited overnight for the mountains to fully dry and then taped the mountains that we wanted snow capped and cut edges with the exacto-knife.

  1. Paint the snow white. We did about four coats of white.

  2. Take the tape off. You're done!!! We added a moon for fun!

I hope this was helpful! We had so much fun with this project and finished it up in about two days! (I had already painted the nursery a light grey previously)

Please let me know of you have any questions! Can’t wait to share the full nursery reveal!

- Danielle

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