Second Trimester!

Second Trimester

I was so excited to start my second trimester! In fact, each week that passes I get more and more excited as we get closer and closer to our little babe entering the world!

My second trimester was overall pretty great! My nausea subsided, and my food aversions went away! I started to have more energy, and was able to get back into a workout routine again. My goal was three or four days a week, sometimes it ended up being less and sometimes more, just depending on the week but overall I kept up pretty well with working out and eating healthy!

I did a lot of traveling this trimester! At about 13 weeks I visited a friend in New Hampshire. At 14 weeks I went on a bachelorette trip to Savannah. Ben and I spend a weekend in North Georgia at 20 weeks. 20 weeks we also found out our babes gender!! The gender reveal party was around 22 weeks and we were able to celebrate our little BOY with all of our family and friends!

Ben was so sure it was a boy, and I felt it was a boy as well, so we were very excited to find out! We of course would have been happy either way! At 26 weeks pregnant I was in a wedding! We had a blast dancing the night away, I had to take a few breaks though!

The second trimester was great! I had a little joint discomfort, some acid reflux and lots of baby kicks! I started to “pop” for sure and started my exclusive relationship with leggings!

This trimester I started to feel like a “cuter” pregnant and started to be proud of my body and what it is doing even more! I have gained a little weight in other places but I know it will come off!

Ben and I have loved the kicks we are feeling and love reading on our Ovia app how much he is growing and developing!

My favorite maternity purchases this trimester have been:

Secret Fit Leggings from Motherhood Maternity

Purple Maxi Dress from PinkBlush Maternity

Insulated Water Cup from Kroger

I did not have a ton of maternity needs this semester but we loved buying baby clothes and getting the nursery all put together! We are almost done!

So excited we have made it to the third trimester and all is well! Can’t wait to meet our little man!

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