Fall Favorites

Hey y'all! Thought I would post a fall favorites! I have so been enjoying all of the maternity and baby recommendations from some of the awesome ladies I follow on Instagram and YouTube. These are some things I've purchased recently that I have really fallen in love with!

- maternity underware from @motherhoodmaternity

I totally underestimated how amazing these would be. I put off buying them because I figured it was just a silly way to spend more money. Boy was I wrong. These are so comfortable but the best part is they don't roll down when I bend or get out of my car or pick up something I dropped!!! I love this purchase! I got a size medium.


- @siggisdairy this coconut yogurt is perfect snack or breakfast add on. Limited ingredients and lots of protein.


-@motherhoodmaternity sweater. I just love this thin sweater. Perfect for Georgia fall/winter I love it with leggings and my riding boots. I got a size medium.


- @hm sweater. I love this super warm and comfy oversized sweater! I also love that it was 10$. It will be so cozy as it starts to get colder. This is not a "maternity" sweater. I got a size large.

I got this sweater on the sale rack so I couldn't find it on the website, check out your local H&M for their sales!

- @motherhoodmaternity secret fit leggings. I feel like maybe this was a secret because I've have a couple other pairs of maternity leggings that I don't love. I was recommended these leggings by another gal on Instagram and I'm in love. For me they fit perfectly. I feel like I've gained some weight in my hips and butt. These leggings fit perfectly over my hips, they make smooth lines, they don't cut in at a low rise level, so tight shirts look cute with them. They don't accentuate the growing hips. I got a few pairs all size medium.


- @britandco planner. This is my new planner and I love it! I am a huge planner and a huge list writer! It fits perfectly in my purse so I can always have it with me!

One of my favorite things about this planner is that you get to decide when it starts and ends they don't give you specific dates that you have to stick to. As a photographer sometimes I need a planner to go further into the future than most planners will give you. With this planner you are in control!

I got mine at Target, they also carry all of the planner pages and accessories.


- @cappellos Lasagna. I am so into this brand! I have loved making paleo friendly lasagna. It is such a warm comforting fall food!


- Dillard's Kids "Staring Out" Brand. I fell in love with this brand! They have the cutest and softest baby clothes! This is an outfit we picked out for our little babe, so he will always remember his Texas roots.


Thank y'all so much for checking this out and going on this motherhood journey with me! I love reading other mammas blogs and watching their videos so much and have been so inspired to share some of what I am going through and some products I am loving! Let me know in the comments if you have anything you have been loving lately or if you have any questions about maternity, photography, recipes, nutrition, baby clothes, or anything at all! I will do my best to answer or point you in the direction of someone I respect!

Talk soon!


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