Stamps. Nail Polish. Coffee Cream

Stamps. Nail Polish. Coffee Cream

Growing up we had lots of cute little coffee table books all around our house, in the bathrooms, on the coffee table, in the guest room, everywhere! Who actually reads those books, I always wondered, until I started reading them! I love coffee table books! They are full of little quotes, gems of wisdom and cute stories. One of these books I would always read was about being thankful for the little things in life. OH BOY, today that hit home!

Ben and I recently moved to Macon HORAY! Well moving is a really long, complicated, lots of papers, put on your big boy pants, type of process. Its not just like Chip and Joanna make it seem, where you drive up to your new home, all new furniture is inside, your friends head over for some appetizers. NO. Thats not real life people. Well, it is if your on Fixer Upper but not for most of us. Ben and I ran into all of the typical moving road blocks you might think of. We went for a bit with no internet, we had a weekend with no hot water, and the week we moved in my little car, she died. We drove her to death, poor little car. Traveling from North Carolina to all of our Georgia photo shoots, we drove that little baby to her end. Sooo for two weeks I have been stuck at our new beautiful home, all day, all night, here at this house. It is a wonderful house, and I have gotten a lot done, but lets be real, stuck at home is cool for about a day. Finally, after lots of searching we found Ben a truck!!! So I get to drive around his old car, which at first I was not thrilled about, but today, I am thankful! I am thankful for little things like being able to drive to the store, like having stamps to send letters, having lots of colors of nail polish for my ever changing moods, and most of all… coffee cream. I am thankful for coffee cream!

That little coffee table book was so on point, sometimes I am overwhelmingly thankful for the little things!

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