Hey Friend! 

We are danielle and ben kingsbury.
We are a photography team that loves to capture special moments for awesome people. We love exploring, good coffee, exciting stories, and adventure. We live in macon, Georgia, and have our home office here but love to travel to new places!

We met a long time ago, way out west in Texas. We have been best friends for a long time and through the ups and downs of life we've made it here to the awesomest place of all, marriage and parenthood! our story is long and messy and beautiful and i'm sure yours is too! We cant wait to grab a coffee and hear all about you and your story and how you want to celebrate the next chapter! 

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Some of our favorites

Coffee - with cream

Beer - Aviator (Devils Tramping Ground)

Shows  - The office / Walking Dead / game of thrones

Cameras- Canon 

Pets - Dogs (Russell and murdock)

Exercise - Hiking, crossfit

Authors - George R.R. Martin / Bob Goff / Pat Conroy 

Theme Parks - Disney (and Universal) 

Jesus - Friend






It all started with a camera. I discovered my love for photography with my first camera. I was so interested in capturing the candid laugh of my friend, the lines around my fathers eyes, the emotion on someones face. I fell in love with capturing these moments in time. This passion only grew when I studied photography at Georgia College. Through my digital classes I learned about project based photography. I started creating stories with photography. I loved setting the scenes and placing small details in the frame to add to the photo, to push the work. I loved showing these pieces to others and seeing them laugh and smile and relate to the small details I had brought in to the photo. They saw the story and understood it. During my college years I worked as a photographer for Walt Disney World and through that experience had to become comfortable working with all types of people. I adore Disney World and my time there. It was then that the communication of photography clicked for me.

After graduating in 2014, I worked for a photography company along with nannying and other small jobs. I knew that I needed to do something I loved and something that challenged me. Thats when Ben and I started Perspective Photography. I am the creative, random, imaginative, excited one, who studied the art of photography; while Ben enjoys the technical aspects, the control you have over light and speed in a moment, the science of photography. Together we have a lot of fun and we make beautiful work. We would love to work with you, just send us a text/email/fb message! 


Words of Praise!

Danielle Jean Vogel with Perspective Photography did an amazing job capturing the incredible day! The quality of the photographs is second to none and her ability to capture the candid photos that she did is amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Danielle, you will definitely be used by our family again!  - Christina Stein (Mother of the Bride) 

"OMG I'm about to cry!!! I love them! You are awesome HOLY CRAP! - Ashely Power (Engagement Shoot)



Looking through my wedding pictures again and I gotta say, Danielle, they are so amazing and perfect. Brings back all of the memories from the best day of my life so far and makes me so happy. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job! - Catherine Hannon (Bride)




Thank you for the best birthday present, Perspective Photography! I couldn't be any happier about these pictures! - Juliane Wright (Engagement Shoot)


These are perfect, you and Ben did such an amazing job. I can't wait to show our friends and family. Thank you!

- Mia Phuong (Couples Shoot)


Thank you Danielle And Ben Kingsbury (Perspective Photography)! You guys did a wonderful job capturing our special evening! - Deborah and Jimmy White (Reception)


Thank you sooo much! You created beautiful everlasting memories for us! - Mary Wedlund (Bride)

We LOVE the pictures! They turned out so beautiful thank you!! - Juliane Cassara (Bride)